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About Me

The best way to get something out of my head and understand it with my heart is through my hands.


As a journalist, I look back on more than 30 years of work in radio, television, online editorial departments and as a communications consultant abroad.


As a means of self-expression and personal growth, my creative passion is collaging. I do not consider myself an artist, nor am I a trained graphic designer. Nevertheless, many people admire my collages, especially for their expressiveness.

For years I created collages more traditionally with scissors, paper, paints and other materials. During the Covid-19 pandemic I started creating digital collages on my PC.


Many people have reacted very positively to the expressive images, calling them beautiful or even art. Initially, I taught people as a volunteer in many courses how to make expressive collages without much prior knowledge. Then I decided to make this work my second career. In the meantime, I offer workshops to pass on my knowledge of manual and digital collages, which I have acquired over the years.


Although you may not believe it, you can make collages just as unique as I can. Anyone can, with the simplest of tools. My collages, which you can see on this website, are the best example. That's exactly what people have experienced in my workshops. They were touched and enthusiastic about how much can be expressed with little effort and how much joy it can bring to collage themes and always discover something for or about themselves.

The participants in my courses include people who like to express themselves creatively, educators, others come from the art and social therapy scene. The work on collages can also be used for team building or project work.

Keep it simple!

My goal is to give as many people as possible access to collages as a powerful means of creative expression, which they can use for their personal development and reflection, for teambuilding or project development or - in the therapeutic, pedagogical or psychological field - for working with others.

Collages can bring the unspeakable and unconscious to the surface.  

They give thoughts and feelings a clear face - without forcing oneself, without thinking much, but instead playfully, with a lot of joy and spontaneity.

Keep it simple - keeping it technically as simple as possible is important to me. With this, I want to keep inhibitions low and stimulate the joy of the creation process.

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