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"A picture is worth a thousand words..."

Creatively expressing the unconscious, unspoken, or unspeakable  visually can bring clarity when the mind is turbulent, while also bringing joy to the process.

The hands work and magic is created. Collages can be made on a wide variety of topics: dreams, visions of the future, relationships to other people, professional or private issues, something you just have in mind and is difficult to express in words, a current topic and much more.

Collage Collage "Sisters", © Stefanie Hallberg

Collaging is a creative and enlightening process in which a work emerges intuitively and non-judgmentally. When looking at it, new perspectives are opened up and new insights are made possible whilst working on the subject.

Whether you love to be creative, work as a therapist, psychologist, teacher, coach, in supervision - it's woth it to learn how to use collaging as a means of expression in a variety of ways and with astonishing results.

Collage Collage "Me and the univesre", © Stefanie Hallberg

Expressive collages - very simple!

You would like to make expressive collages, but you don't know how? You think: This would be exactly the right tool for your work with clients or students? Or are you looking for new ways to express yourself creatively just for pleasure?

It's easier than you think. You don't need to be a graphic designer or an artist. The collages on this website are the best example. What I can do, you can do too!

In my workshops, you will learn how to make beautiful, expressive collages with the simplest means and in a few steps. The results are worth seeing. Methodically, this process is easy to pass on.

Material for manually created collages is easy to obtain. The apps we use for collages created on the PC are all free.


You can find all workshop offers here at a glance. The individual dates are in the calendar. Please use the contact form for registration.

Examples from practice

Relationships with other people, current issues, wishes, emotions, future plans - collages can be made on a wide variety of topics. You can see example collages in the gallery.

About me

My creative passion is collages. For me, they are a means of self-expression, relaxation and contribution to personal growth. More about me here.

What participants say

Beatrice, Lucerne, Switzerland

Topic Collage "Summer" by Beatrice, all rights reserved

The online workshop "Manual Collages" was inspiring, entertaining and very creative for me. To see a beautiful result made with simple means in a short time causes great desire for more! I will now "scan" magazines with a new look and definitely not throw everything into the waste paper anymore.

Suska, Cologne, Germany

Digital Collage Collage "Future" by Suska, all rights reserved

A real inspiration! In the workshop with Stefanie I learned in a very short time to make a digital collage with two simple, free tools. Stefanie explains the technique wonderfully. And best of all: Along the way, through the associative image rummaging, I discovered how I could look without any effort inward, which often comes too short in everyday life. 

Eva, Bonn, Germany

Collage Collage "Ways" by Eva, all rights reserved

When I am creative, my subconscious works completely freely. Unresolved issues often become clearer more easily than through a purely intellectual approach. Stefanie's collage workshop brought new things to light for me. Stefanie herself guided us patiently and in a way that was easy to understand through new technical and creative territory. A great experience.

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